Controlled Substances & Drug Screens

+Are there any specialized policies in place for patients taking controlled substances?

  • Yes, if you are on a controlled substance (e.g. Adderall, Klonopin, etc.) you must comply with our Controlled Substance Follow-Up Policy and can only fill your next refill on the 30th day since the last fill date. If you are not sure whether you are on a controlled substance, please ask your provider or contact our office at 512-382-1933.

+I’ve misplaced my controlled medication. Can I get a refill?

  • Unfortunately, refills for controlled medications can only be placed every 30 days.

+I’m taking a controlled medication. Why did my provider ask me to submit a urine toxicology screen?

  • It is the medical board’s recommendation that anyone taking control medication we do a urine drug screening (UDS) to monitor for substance abuse. Stimulants are highly controlled medications. Sometimes people combine stimulants with illicit substances, which can lead to serious medical side effects and fatality. Your provider needs to do a UDS to verify that you are not using illicit substances for your safety.

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