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About Specialty

Specialty Clinic of Austin was founded by Dr. Sweet and Dr. Patel in 2013 to help increase access to mental health care. When they first started, they noticed there was a long wait to see a psychiatrist and a lack of acceptance of health insurance plans. They saw this need and started Specialty Clinic of Austin to address these problems.

Since 2013, Specialty Clinic of Austin has built a reputation for delivering highly effective individualized care. With decades of training and experience from top programs like John Hopkins, Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine, our team offers the highest level of expert care available.

Specialized treatment plans are tailored for each patient based on their individual needs. Specialty Clinic of Austin conducts comprehensive assessments, formal diagnosis and medication evaluations ensuring the right treatments for each individual. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to provide accessible expert guidance throughout the process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide specialized quality care and expand access to mental health providers by utilizing telemedicine, as well as in-office visits. We want to provide affordable care for those in need of mental health treatment. Additionally, we strive to combine technology and individualized treatment plans to improve mental well-being through measured outcomes. 

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